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SAHAR LASH Artistry & Education

Classic Eyelash Extensions

Lashes appear longer, thicker and very natural.

They are a fantastic treatment for those who are concerned about the length or thickness of their own lashes and want a natural look. They can be used to highlight the eyes by using longer, curled or coloured lashes to create a flattering look or  fashion statement.  The extensions are applied singly 1 by 1 to each natural eyelash and the number of extensions applied are limited to the number of lashes you naturally have.  Like your nails and hair on your head, your eyelashes grow out on a continuous cycle of replenishment.  It is for this reason that you will need ongoing maintenance to sustain the initial look.  Maintenance Infils are recommended between 2-3 weeks after your initial set.

At Sahar Lash, all of the products we use are professional and of high quality.  The lashes we use are made of a soft and naturally curved synthetic material designed to bond to human eyelashes.  The adhesive we use is a specifically formulated bonding agent, it dries soft, remains flexible and bouncy and most importantly causes no damage to the natural eyelashes. 

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Lash Cycle

There are between 90-120 natural lashes per upper eyelid.

Each eye sheds between 2-3 lashes a day.

What this means

In 1 week you will lose an average of 21 lashes

2 weeks 42 lashes

3 weeks 63 lashes

Lash fills should be done no later than every 3 weeks

Every 2 weeks for continuously fabulous lashes


  • Classic full set - £90  
  • Infils 2-3 weeks - £50 (40mins)
Anything over 3 weeks is considered a new set
  • Removal - £20
  • Eye Brow Tint £10

Foaming Lash Cleanser - £20

Please read our booking requirements before booking an appointment. Thank you